all about the CopyCat

Copy writer, Lisa Rossetti, has over ten years of experience of writing and managing web content for both private businesses and third sector.

"Nothing can work on the Web without written words. No page. No link. No classification, navigation or menu. No application or software. Nothing." Gerry McGovern

Recent projects include marketing copy and web copy for coaches, counsellors and consultants.

Content is everything

Your web copy – the words on your web site – is everything. Think of the page design, the look and feel, as the shell or body. It is the content that brings your web site alive. The web copy is the “heart” of your web site.

You may be a skilled presenter, author or academic. Web copy is different. It needs a shorter, clearer style to attract attention and keep your visitors on your site.

Mixed messages confuse customers

Are you at a loss to describe your services on your web site?
You may be just too close to your business to write compelling web copy.

Lisa is a qualified coach and mentor herself, and knows the pitfalls that you can fall into when you try to describe your services.

Are you warm and welcoming - but your web site is cold and impersonal?
Do you offer simplicity and clarity - but your web site is confused and wordy?
Then you have a mixed message that is confusing your customers.

How we work with you

Download the CopyCat Project Planner and complete as much as you can.
Then book a one-hour consultation session with us. The consultation fee is £30.

The CopyCat Consultation

We use a unique and practical approach to help you identify your niche market and ideal customers. We identify the right key words to present your services clearly and attract more customers to your web site.

If you decide to go ahead with your project, we will produce copy for your approval in three simple stages: Draft, First Edit and Final Edit.

Once the final copy is approved by you, we sign off the project and email your copy as a Word document.

Download the CopyCat Project Planner here. Book your consultation session.

For more information, call the CopyCat on 01244 678850 or email