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Calling All Web Designers

Are you waiting for copy?
If you are a web designer, you are probably no stranger to waiting for content. Can you afford to be kept waiting? I provide the ideal support service for your business. I work with your clients to produce web ready content for you - on time.

what we do at the CopyCat

My services
  • Create quality new web content, proof read, edit, spell check and grammar check
  • Edit any existing web content, so that it has more impact and looks professional
  • Create a distinctive impression for you and your business
  • Identify and strategically place trigger words to attract more visitors
  • Make sure each page has a Call to Action to generate more sales

Additional services

  • Produce downloadable fliers for your website
  • Write copy for your marketing materials
  • Liaise with your web designer re content layouts and web features
  • Identify a professional web designer, who speaks plain English not jargon!
  • Provide a follow-up editing service

My fees

My fee structure is simple and well within the solo professional’s budget. I charge a fee of £30 for the initial one-hour consultation, and £22.50 per hour for copywriting.

Need a guesstimate? A six page web site might be ten hours work, depending on the amount of new content needed.

After the consultation, I will send you a clear estimation for your project.

Download the CopyCat Project Planner here.

For more information, call the CopyCat on 01244 678850 or email ask@thecopycat.net

Discounts & Special Offers

Are you a member of the ICF or the Association for Coaching?
You may qualify for a 30% discount on the consultation fee.
Enquire about current offers and discounts for coaches and start-up businesses.